The Lewisham People's Parliament is BIG meeting that gives people with learning disabilities living in Lewisham a voice.
All people with learning disabilities in Lewisham are welcome to become an MP at our People's Parliament.
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Members of the Parliament choose which MP's go to speak up at our Partnership Board in elections.
It a gives people a chance to tell the bosses what they want from services they use.
PB MP's are MP's who go to speak up at our local Partnership Board and get paid for their work. 
PB MP's are staff and work as trainers at Lewisham Speaking Up.
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If you want to be an MP and go to the Partnership Board and get paid for your work, click here for our latest news.
Members of the Parliament are called MP's.
The Parliament meets every three months at Lewisham town hall.
MP's say what happened  in easy read Newsletters and reports. 
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People's Parliament