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Here are our staff. 
They work hard to give
good advocacy support
and service, so a BIG
thank you to them!
Michelle Savioz
1-2-1 Advocate.
Jane Abraham 
Self Advocacy Supporter.
Annette Wilson
Self Advocacy Supporter.
Steve Wilcox
* Consultant trainers work as PB MP's, which is members of the People's Parliament that speak up for their peers at our local Partnership Board.
Consultant trainers work on a sessional basis. They also work on other asignments such as training to raise disability awareness.
Plus they work where there is a need to meaningfully involve experts by expereince. If you want to know more please contact us.
Rebecca Sullivan
Consultant Trainer*.
Kali Perkins
Consultant Trainer*.
Brian Ollivierre
Consultant Trainer*.
Colin Smith
Consultant Trainer*.
Roseanna O'Rourke
Consultant Trainer*.
Stefan Nowak
Consultant Trainer*.
Peter Cronin
Consultant Trainer*.
Peter Smith
Will Davies
Advocacy Service 
Olabisi Omole
Advocacy Support
Assistant [sessional]
About Our Staff