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Volunteering Opportunities with Lewisham Speaking Up

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Volunteers are highly valued at Lewisham Speaking Up and we welcome people wishing to give up their time to be involved in the work we do.
Being open minded, reliable, friendly, and enthusiastic is more important than having lots of experience.
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All our volunteering opportunities aim to improve the quality of life for people with learning disabilities.
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If you are interested in volunteering please look at our volunteer opportunities below. To apply, you will need to complete a volunteer application form. You will need a DBS check or be willing for us to do one for you. We will also need two references. All Volunteers are given training and support and get travel expenses paid.

Volunteer 1-2-1 Advocate

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A Volunteer 1-2-1 Advocate helps a person with a learning disability to speak up and be heard. If the person is unable to speak up for themselves, the Advocate can speak up for them. You will take their side and support them to make their views and wishes know.
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What the person wants is the most important thing. An advocate helps by finding information for the person and helping them understand it, they may help them to speak up to get better support or assist them with other problems they are having.

Volunteer Crime and Hate Crime Advocate

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You will be supported by the Advocate for Crime and Hate Crime. You may also assist with our Hate Crime Advocacy Project. Many people with a learning disability are a victim of crime or hate crime and need somebody to speak up for them and take their side.
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As a Volunteer Crime and Hate Crime Advocate you will help the person report the crime or incident to the Police either online, by phone, post, or in person. You will try and help them to feel safe again and prevent the crime or hate crime from re-occurring. You will signpost them to other organisations who can help support them with the effects of being a victim. You can empower them to know what to do if a crime or hate crime happens to them again.

Volunteer Self Advocacy Groups Supporter

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Self Advocacy is when a person speaks up for themselves or as a group. Lewisham Speaking Up enables people with learning disabilities to have their say in large and smaller groups. Our Big Speaking Up Group usually takes place once a month on a Friday. Between 20 – 30 people attend to have their say on various issues. Volunteers can help us get ready for the group, help people to be heard in the group, and write down what they say.

Our Voice for Life Group

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This is a smaller group that is for people with a learning disability who find it harder to speak up and who need to improve their confidence and speaking up skills. Volunteers can assist The Voice for Life Group Lead with the running of the group and by assisting people to get their voices heard. The Speak Up and Well Being Group is funded by Deptford Challenge Trust. It happens on Tuesdays and is mainly for people with a learning disability who live in the Deptford area and who are lonely and isolated. The project aims to bring people together to get their voices heard and to meet other people. People will be empowered to form their own ‘well-being’ groups in the community. We need volunteers to help people sustain their own groups.

Volunteer People’s Parliament Supporter

The People’s Parliament is funded by Comic Relief. It is our largest forum and it takes place quarterly on a Friday. All people with a learning disability who live in Lewisham are welcome to come to the Parliament to speak up and have their say. Other people with learning disabilities from other London boroughs sometimes come as guests. Topics for the Parliament are chosen by people with a learning disability at our Big Speaking Up Group.
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Six people with a learning disability are paid as Parliament Reps to take what people say at Parliaments to decision makers: the aim is to bring about change and get people’s voices heard.
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Volunteers can help by coming to the Parliaments and helping with greeting and meeting people, helping with monitoring and evaluation, assisting in workshops by supporting people to speak up and getting their views heard, and by giving general help to the running of the event.


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We are looking for new trustees who can work supportively alongside Trustees with learning disabilities. They would need to make a commitment as a Trustee, devoting time to ensure we succeed in what we do. We seek people with strategic vision, independent judgement, ability to think creatively, and that are willing to speak up. Most importantly, we seek people with the ability to listen to our beneficiaries.
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Ideally, the new trustees will also have skills and experience in one or more of the following areas:
  • Networking and relationship building with policymakers
  • Charity governance and regulation
  • Charity fundraising
  • Finance / accounting, particularly in the voluntary / community sector.
  • Social Networking or Marketing
  • Legal
  • Working with and alongside people with learning disabilities
  • Experts by experience (e.g. have a learning disability)
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To apply, either complete a volunteer application form,
Phone us on 020 8692 1962
or email info@lsup.org.uk.
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We will need 2 references and for you to either have an up to date DBS or be DBS checked, which we will pay for.
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I look forward to meeting you soon!
Will Davies, Director