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Report about Learning Disability Exclusion

Dear friends. We are delighted to launch our report about learning disability exclusion. The report was made possible through Coronavirus Community support funding from the National Lottery and Government.

Many people with a learning disability have been denied participation and opportunity during the Covid 19 pandemic because of digital exclusion. We were very concerned about this, so we sought funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund to undertake research into the issue.

The report attached summarises the research which was undertaken by Helen Ramsbottom, an independent researcher, into digital exclusion amongst people with learning disabilities in the London Borough of Lewisham. I am pleased to say, the report also reveals the positive aspects of digital inclusion - the many benefits that people with learning disabilities have discovered through managing to connect online.

We hope this report will prove both useful and insightful. Please follow this link to read the report.
Report on Lewisham Cuts
The People’s Parliament now takes place on Zoom.

Read our report on Lewisham Council cuts.

Contact martin.stitchman@lsup.org.uk for further information.
Henry Smith Logo
We received great news that Henry Smith Charity will be funding a Financial Inclusion Advocate for three years to help people with learning disabilities who are experiencing finance-related difficulties.

A new Financial Inclusion Advocate will be starting in June 2021.
Social Group
Thank you to National Lottery Awards for All for providing additional funding to continue our Women’s and Men’s Groups.
Dinesh Sattee
Welcome to Dinesh Sattee who has joined our Board of Trustees recently.
James Mirkin, Health |Ambassadors Coordinator
Welcome aboard James Mirkin, our new Health Ambassadors Coordinator. James will be coordinating our Health Ambassadors to promote Annual Health Checks, Cancer Awareness and Covid-19 Infection Protection Control.
Lewisham Speaking Up office is closed during Covid-19
The Lewisham Speaking Up office is closed during Covid-19 but we are still working and offering 1-2-1 advocacy, self-advocacy and hate crime training.

No groups or meetings are taking place at the Albany. Our groups are now all happening on Zoom.
See details below
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Fridays at 11am
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Fridays at 4pm
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Read our March Easy Read Newsletter here.
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Hate Crime Training

Look at our Youtube videos to learn more about hate crime.
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If you want to do our training call Gabriella on 07950 219 127.
Nurse giving woman vaccination
Don’t forget to get your flu jab!

Did you know that flu jabs are free for people with learning disabilities? Just ask your doctor or pharmacist.

If you don’t like needles you can also ask for a nasal spray to get your vaccination.

Read more here.
Learning Disability Register
If you have a learning disability you can get extra help when visiting a doctor. This could be help with your appointment and to understand your doctor. You can also get more time to talk about how you are feeling.

To get extra help, put your name on the Learning Disability Register by filling in this form.
Cover of leaflet on COvid-19 and BME groups
We have worked with the Race Equality Foundation to make some easy read information about people from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic backsgrounds and Coronavirus/Covid-19.

Please feel free to share the leaflet with anyone who will find it useful.
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If you have a learning disability and live in Lewisham, please send a Newsletter contribution. It could be a short story, poem, a photo, an artwork or even a short recipe.

Email info@lsup.org.uk or phone 020 8692 1862.

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