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Photosymbols – behind the scenes!

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when Photosymbols create their easy read images?

Self-advocates at Lewisham Speaking Up found out exactly what happens when we arranged a photo shoot with Joe and his colleague from the Photosymbols team earlier this year.

It starts early as there is a lot of setting up to do. Everything is set up to make sure the lighting is just right.

There is a big white background to make the images really stand out. Everyone was asked not to wear a white top so they didn’t disappear against the background!

a man stands in a photo studio facing bright lights as he poses for a picture
Vincent posing for a Photosymbols picture

We had one group in the morning and another in the afternoon. There was lot of tea, coffee and snacks to keep everyone going.

We spent all day posing for lots of different pictures. Some of it was quite serious, but mostly we had a lot of fun!

Joe from Photosymbols was really good at helping people to act in the right way for the pictures. They ask you to do lots of different poses and facial expressions.

They explained how they might use the photos in different ways once they are finished.

a woman stands in a photo studio with lighting equipment. A photographer is about to take her photo.
Becky poses for her Photosymbols pictures

We think having easy read information for people with learning disabilities is really important. There are different ways of doing the pictures, but the people we know say they like the Photosymbols images.

You can see some examples on our website 

Find out more about Photosymbols

If you have ever thought about doing a photo shoot, we would recommend it. Especially now you know just what happens behind the scenes with Photosymbols!


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