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New funding from the Lottery!

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Thanks to new funding from the Lottery, our women’s and men’s groups will be re-starting!

A grant 0f £8354.00 from the National Lottery Community Fund Awards for All programme means that we will be starting up our women’s and men’s groups again. The groups give people with learning disabilities the chance to meet up in smaller groups. They talk about things that are important and that they might not talk about in bigger groups. You can read more about the women’s and men’s groups on our website

People with learning disabilities are pleased to hear that we are starting the groups again.

M says about the women’s group: “We build a community for a better future, for encouragement. We support one another, because we all need each other.”

R says about the men’s group: “We can connect with each other, talk about what’s in the news, if we have any views about anything. If we want to talk about anything that’s troubling us, it gives us a chance to express ourselves. I think it’s quite crucial to help with our confidence, help with our social skills, helps with our communication skills and to build a bond really.”

New dates and times will be announced soon. The groups will work in different ways:

  • The women’s group will meet in person every two weeks
  • The men’s group will meet online every week


It is thanks to new funding from the Lottery and the people who play it that we can run these groups, so thanks to all involved!

If you are interested in finding out more about the women’ s or men’s groups please contact us


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