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Photosymbols shoot August 2023

Photosymbols shoot August 2023

We had a great time doing a photo shoot last month with the lovely people from Photosymbols

A woman and three men look at the camera. The woman holds make up brushes, one man has a camera, another holds a script and the third man has his arms folded.

Panda, Pete, Steve and Joe from Photosymbols


The pictures we helped make will eventually become easy read images that you can download from the Photosymbols website.

This helps to make easy read documents and websites for people with learning disabilities (and other people).

If you ever wanted to know how those images are made, now you can find out!

It all starts with setting up the room with lots of lighting and a white background for the pictures. Here you can see Ife ready to have her picture taken:

a woman stands for a photo against a white background with flash umbrellas set up to either side


Each person on the shoot had make up done before the photos. This was so they looked their best for the camera and their skin wasn’t too shiny! Here is Vincent getting his make up done:

A woman is standing applying make up to a man's face. He is sitting in a chair beside her.


The people in the pictures were asked to do various poses and actions. Here Joe is showing Abi what pose he wants for the camera:

A man stands next to a woman modelling a pose he wants her to take.


Here is Steve taking one of the photos:

Two women pose for a photo with a photographer. Another man watches from the side.


Everyone had a great time getting their pictures done and we had a lot of fun. We would recommend it to any group if you’ve never tried it.

We’re pleased to be able to help make more images to help people understand information more easily. Watch out for some more Lewisham people when you see easy read over the next few months!



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